What is ANZAPS?

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ANZAPS is a network of planning educators.  ANZAPS primary function is the exchange of information and ideas about planning education between planning educators.  This includes teaching skills and techniques, research into planning education, and discussion on key content issues. In addition, ANZAPS wishes to promote planning as a career, and to maintain and develop links with international planning schools and associations.

Members of ANZAPS are drawn largely from planning programs accredited by PIA , the Planning Institute of Australia  and the NZPI, the  New Zealand Planning Institute. ANZAPS also includes people with an interest in planning education who are not necessarily directly involved in the field.
ANZAPS operates independently of the Planning Institutes, but works cooperatively with the Institutes on matters concerning planning education.

How does ANZAPS work?

ANZAPS main activity is its annual conference,  hosted by one of the planning schools.

Between conferences, ANZAPS works mainly through its e-mail list server RePlan which is the primary means of ongoing information exchange between members.  RePlan debates are often lively and cover a wider range of planning related issues. Replan is also used to advertise conferences, seminars and other matters of general interest to the planning education community.

The Convener/President and contact for ANZAPS is nominated by the school who held the most recent conference – presently Professor Robin Goodman, RMIT University robin.goodman@rmit.edu.au

When does ANZAPS meet?

ANZAPS meets annually for a 2 to 3 day conference. Recent annual conferences have been hosted by planning programs at RMIT University (2015) and Massey University (2014).   The next Conference will be hosted by the University of Tasmania on 2-4 November 2017.

Conference papers from some previous conferences are available on this site in the Past Conferences menu area.